This plan will raise funds for road repairs by borrowing $65 million within the state's bonding cap over the next 30 years. While this plan provides a short-term source of funding for transportation infrastructure, it does not ensure funding past the 30 year point.

Further, the funds raised in this plan will still need to be paid back by Connecticut taxpayers eventually, in addition to the millions in accrued interest over the 30 year time period. This money will come from the pockets of all Connecticut taxpayers, including people who don't use highways and bridges, rather than coming from those who actually use the roads such as out-of-state drivers.

Paid For By Move CT Forward, a Coalition of the Connecticut Construction Industries Assn., CT Ready-Mixed Concrete Assn., New England Regional Council of Carpenters, Carpenters Labor Management Program, LiUNA!, Laborers' New England Region Organizing Fund, CT Asphalt & Aggregate Producers Association, and CT Laborers’ District Council.